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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Outrage over the proposed turnpike expansion project continues.

Now, Norman residents are pointing out that using eminent domain to build and operate toll roads goes against what the Republican Party campaigned on.

“My head wants to explode,” said Dave Moore, a Norman resident. “This is a very emotional thing when you talk about destroying people’s homes, hopes and dreams.”

The proposed project would add three new turnpikes to the south metro area and could impact hundreds of homes in the process.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has publicly said he’s on board with the plan.

On Feb. 22, he said, “Part of our method of showing Oklahoman’s we’re open for business is investing in infrastructure and this is a super exciting announcement for the state of Oklahoma.”

However, the project appears to contradict the Republican Party’s platform.

The most recent version of the GOP’s principles says, “We oppose public-private partnerships and the use of eminent domain to build and operate toll roads and bridges.”

“How about that?” said Moore. “This is the platform that Governor campaigned on to get elected… if we can’t take someone at their word, what can we take them at?”

The Oklahoma Republican Party was not available for an interview Thursday, but sent KFOR the following statement:

“At the State Republican Party, we must promote & adhere to the State Party platform and values.

Until the majority of the State Party change the platform, which they will have the opportunity to do at our next regular state convention, we will abide by the current Party platform.

That said, members within the Republican party understandably have varying opinions on this matter.”

Leslie NesSmith, Chief of Staff Oklahoma Republican Party

Earlier in the week, Norman’s Mayor Bree Clark pleaded for Stitt to take action.

“Governor Stitt has the power to stop it, So I’m calling on him to listen to Oklahomans and do what’s right and save their homes,” said Clark.

KFOR reached out to the governor’s office to get their response to this argument, as well as their reaction to the overwhelming outcry from residents, but have not heard back.