NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Residents in Norman are being asked to make a simple change to help the environment even more.

The City of Norman are recommending residents put yard waste in permanent containers or paper compostable bags instead of regular trash bags.

“This type of change helps keep rates low for customers through savings in temporary employment expenses during the grow season,” said Bret Scovill, Solid Waste Manager. “The results of transitioning to containers or compostable bags save time, create safer working conditions for staff, and decrease the chance of incompatible materials entering compost machinery.”

Currently, plastic bags containing yard waste are sliced open and the waste is transported to a compost facility.

The plastic bags, which cannot be reused or recycled, are taken to a landfill.

Last year alone, the city processed more than 35,000 tons of compost.

“We have developed a robust compost and recycling program in our community because of the support and
collaboration of residents who truly care about taking care of our environment,” Scovill said. “We hope to
continue finding ways to improve in order to optimize services for them.”