NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) — Plans are in the works to put a temporary homeless shelter in Norman.

It would be close to a neighborhood and an elementary school, leaving many who live nearby unhappy about the idea.

“So am I just going to have to wake up every morning and have like them lined out in front of my house as well,” said Lauren Donaldson, a resident who lives nearby.

That’s just one of Donaldson’s concerns after city officials discussed plans for a new temporary shelter on North Porter Avenue.

She said she’s already had encounters with homeless in the area.

“We’ve had people clearly in the midst of either a mental health crisis or potentially drug-induced things going on,” stated Donaldson.

Donaldson has attended various meetings and even wrote a petition stating her concerns, but said she might feel better if she knew more.

“They really haven’t given us a lot of information. We’ve reached out to our council person,” added Donaldson.

City leaders stress the proposed location may not pan out.

“We’re hearing from our downtown business community that part of their problems are that there aren’t places for people to go during the day and we agree,” Ward 4 City Councilmember Helen Grant said.

Officials said they understand the concern and are working on solutions.

“I do wish that the folks that are mad about this would consider that it isn’t a done deal. We are exploring other options and that if we had no other options, this is the option,” added Grant.

There will be a public meeting to discuss the proposed shelter on Thursday, Aug. 10 inside Norman City Hall.