NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A Norman neighborhood is looking more like a war zone after Sunday night’s storms. Several residents told News 4 they’ll never forget riding out the tornado and are surprised they’re alive.

“I survived a blender. It was literally like being in a blender with all of the stuff that was flying around. It was insane,” said Frances Tabler, who’s home was destroyed.

Debris littered the roads and yards of a Norman neighborhood off of 24 Ave and Imhoff. Nearly every home had holes in the roofs, busted windows, and lumber. Homes and cars were peppered with little pieces of home insulation.

Sammy Benton said he was watching radar and rushed his family inside of his shelter. All of a sudden, her heard his garage door being hit and his bikes fell on top of them.

“I was like, crap. And that’s when I heard the jet,” said Benton. “The impact on my garage slammed stuff on top of me. And I just adrenaline got everything off.”

Norman residents experience tornado damage. Image KFOR.
Norman residents experience tornado damage. Image KFOR.

Benton said the pressure from the storm was so strong, his family had to work together to tshut the shelter door, which is something he can usually do with ease.

His next door neighbor, Catherine Peterman, remembered what being in a tornado felt and sounded like.

“As soon as I heard the train sound outside and the wind pick up, I felt this immense pressure just like, push me into the ground and, like, push my dog into the ground,” said Peterman. “We’ve got a lot of damage in our house. I’m just really happy we’re all okay after this.”

Just down the street, Frances Tabler saw her home for the first time in person and in the daylight with News 4.

“Oh, my Lord. That’s unbelievable,” Tabler said.

Tabler said she was watching Mike Morgan right before her power went out.

“I was watching Mike. The last I heard was it was up on Hefner Parkway,” said Tabler. “I never dreamed it was going to Norman. Like in a blink of an eye where it could have been a few minutes.”

Tabler grabbed her kids and hunkered down in the hall.

“This is kind of what protected us right here,” she said, while pointing to part of her home. “That back of the house is what is laying on here. So, I think that’s the only thing that kept us from being sucked out.”

They were alive but trapped by debris.

“Everything kind of put us in a cocoon,” said Tabler. “We were able to finally get out with the fire department coming and getting us out.”

Frances said it was hard to breathe .

“The house is so full of gas, I couldn’t breathe,” said Tabler. “I just can’t believe that my kids were not hurt. It’s. It’s a miracle.”

The only injury Frances sustained during the storm was a cut to her forehead from a nail. Her son also only had two minor cuts on her leg and toes.

A Gofundme account has been set-up for Francis Tabler.