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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A metro veterinarian who is one of the owners of an exotic animal rescue and farm has so far declined to comment on why the City of Norman removed all 354 animals from the farm in the past two weeks.

The veterinarian works at the Brookwood Animal Clinic in Oklahoma City. He’s one of two men being held responsible for the Animals at Rock Creek Farm.

KFOR went to the clinic Tuesday afternoon to see if he might share his side of why the animals were seized.

According to a civil suit filed Friday, the animals “appeared to be malnourished and eating bark off of the trees.”

It also stated that “most of the animals were deprived of food, water, shelter and veterinary care.”

Two baby ibex died just a couple days after they were removed.

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The animals are being investigated for signs of criminal neglect by Norman police.

The executive director of the Oklahoma Veterinary Board, Cathy Kirkpatrick, said they are watching the case closely. She said for now the board is not conducting its own investigation.

“It’s the public’s animals that we’re protecting. My understanding is that these are his own animals,” Kirkpatrick said.

However, she said depending on how the police investigation pans out, the veterinary board may take action.

In the meantime, another Norman address listed for both owners of the ranch still has open paddocks with a number of animals.

Both men were due in court Tuesday morning for a bond hearing to decide how much they may owe the city for veterinary and boarding costs after the animals were seized. That hearing was postponed until May 24.

The Brookwood Animal Clinic veterinarian never returned our call or requests for comment.