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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Some of the fresh food from Crest Foods will be handed out to hundreds of families this weekend, and it all started with a Facebook giveaway.

“There was someone who saw that who lives in Denver, Colorado. They’re from Boley, Oklahoma. They reached out to me and said they would like to provide $5,000 worth of healthy food, not cheeseburgers to the community,” Ebenezer Baptist Church Pastor Derrick Scobey said.

That someone was Karen Ekuban, a former nurse and advocate for a healthy lifestyle.

“I just think if I can inspire other people to give whether it’s their time, financially, that’s what it’s all about,” Karen Ekuban said.

From there, Crest Foods donated some food, and people like 89-year-old Statia Rector donated what she could at $50.

“We’re all in this together, and this is really a crucial time for us, for the world, and we just need to step up to the plate,” Statia Rector said.

In all, around $15,000 in food and money were donated to this produce giveaway.

The giveaway will be held at 12 p.m. on Saturday at the Greater New Zion Baptist Church. The first 200 families to drive through the parking lot will get the food.

Organizers say they will also deliver 25 bags to senior citizens who can’t get out of the house.

“It speaks volumes because of the food insecurity that’s already in place and now with the pandemic that’s happening and physically distancing for our communities and folks not being able to go to the grocery store in groups,” Councilwoman Nikki Nice, City of Oklahoma City Ward 7, said.

Councilwoman Nikki Nice says pamphlets on staying healthy will be given out. As a long time church member at Greater New Zion, she will be volunteering all while practicing social distancing.

“If we have those healthy food options in their homes and in their bellies, it will help them to combat this virus,” Nice said.

“We’re really trying to be visible in this time of crisis where people in the community will know that the church is still there. Not just an address, but that the people are still there,” Pastor Kenneth Sherrill said.