OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A condominium fire in northwest Oklahoma City caused what officials estimate to be over $1 million in damages early Sunday morning.

Firefighters said when they arrived, flames were easily 20 feet over the roof line.

“We’re estimating it to be about a $1.4 million loss,” Scott Douglas with the Oklahoma City Fire Department said.

The destruction was in full view Monday morning.

Douglas said it started when the fire department was called at about 3:45 a.m. Sunday to some apartment homes near 63rd Street and Portland Avenue.

“Fire was already well involved in the structure,” Douglas said. “We arrived on scene, witnessed flames around 20 feet that were shooting above the roof line.”

After an initial search, firefighters found that luckily no one was inside or hurt.

“With that much fire involved, the structure quickly began to deteriorate,” Douglas said. “So, we went into what we call a defensive operation. So, we weren’t committing any firefighters inside, you know, with the collapse hazards and the dangers with that.”

After dousing it out, they found multiple units destroyed.

They’re continuing to work and determine what caused the fire and just how many people were displaced.

“We’re still trying to make contact with these people,” Douglas said. “Our investigators are on scene right now just trying to dig through the rubble. We’re trying to find the cause.”

Douglas said with as big as the fire was it could take some time before they have any answers.