OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A family is searching for answers more than a month after their loved one was found dead in an alley near 31st and S. Western Avenue.

The family of Jennifer Martinez said her lifeless body was found in a back alley one morning in December.

“The detective called me and he said ,’ Are you Jennifer Martinez’s mom? And he said, ‘Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, ma’am, we found your daughter deceased in the alley,’” said her mom Debbie Hux.

Jennifer’s niece holds a picture of Jennifer in the alley where she was found

They said they knew Jennifer struggled with mental illness and could frequently be found on the streets, but no one expected to discover the mother of four in the condition she was found.

“We [the family] watched the body cam video of the officer and she was naked,” she continued, adding that the only piece of clothing her daughter was wearing was a top that hung around her neck.

Jennifer’s mom and sister said investigators told them they believe the mother of four died of hypothermia and they indicated they believe she was on drugs at the time of her death.

However, official autopsy results have not yet been released, and the family believes foul play was involved.

“[The investigator] asked us,’What are y’all trying to get out of this,’ [and] I said we want justice,” said Debbie.

“She had a family, she has kid, she was a mother, she has a sister, she has brothers…. We want justice [and] we want answers,” she said.

Members of Jennifer’s family pictured in the alley where she was found

“They said [if] we could provide them with video footage of someone coming in that alley that night  [and] dumping her in there, then they would pick up an investigation or for us to hire a private investigator to find more answers for closure,” said her sister Kristy Troutman in an interview with KFOR.

“Because of who she was they failed to do their job,” she added.

The woman that first discovered Jennifer’s body said she told police she had video surveillance of the alley that could be useful in their investigation, but no one ever contacted her back.

“[I have] really good cameras [and] I [told]them I have cameras that could probably see,” said Maxine Powell, motioning to the alleyway and her home security cameras.

“[They said] ‘if we want to, we’ll get ahold of you,’ and I haven’t heard from anybody.”

“They’re not even concerned,” she continued.  

Debbie says she and her family fear investigators may let the case grow cold so they’re trying to scrape together enough money to hire a private detective.

“Did she die somewhere and someone got scared and put her here? Somebody knows,” said Kristy.

“She was not just somebody on the street.”