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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – The Tulsa Police Department says one of their own resigned Thursday before being arrested on a first-degree rape charge Friday for allegedly coercing a woman for sex while on duty back in April.

According to the affidavit, a woman came forward June 2 and reported that she had been raped by an on-duty Tulsa Police officer May 17.

The woman told investigators she was walking her dog when a police cruiser pulled alongside her. The officer, who introduced himself as ‘Eric’, asked about her dog and made small talk before commenting on the woman’s appearance, asking where she lived and getting her phone number.

Later that evening, the woman said the officer called her and showed up to the hotel she was staying at, still in his Tulsa PD car and uniform – which had the last name ‘REYES’ on the vest.

The pair ended up in her room where he asked her if she was a “working girl” (prostitute), which she denied.

According to court documents, Officer Reyes then told the woman he looked up her criminal record and “it wouldn’t take much to put a person with her record back in prison.”

The officer then allegedly patted the bed beside himself, motioning her to come sit next to him, before kissing her and commenting how taboo and exciting the situation was.

The woman told investigators that she was terrified he would plant something to fabricate an arrest if she did not give into his advances.

Following the incident, the woman says the officer flushed the condom, said something about being late for an end-of-shift meeting and left.

The woman gave investigators the number that the officer contacted her from, and they found the number to belong to 30-year-old Officer DeAngelo Reyes.

Mugshot of Deangelo Reyes
DeAngelo Reyes
Courtesy: Tulsa Police Department

Investigators then searched through Officer Reyes’ body camera footage where they found the interaction with the woman when he introduced himself as Eric. Reyes turned off his camera about 60 seconds into their conversation.

In addition, a check of the Tulsa Regional Area Criminal Information System showed Reyes’ search of the woman’s records.

During the initial interview with investigators, Reyes denied sexual contact and introducing himself as Eric. However, Reyes admitted to the alias in a follow-up interview several days later, and told them the sexual contact was consented to and initiated by the woman.

The following day, Reyes submitted his letter of resignation to the Tulsa Chief of Police.

Reyes’ attorney has released that letter, saying he maintains his innocence:

For the last five years, I have served the Tulsa Police Department with honor. During that time, I have seen first hand the detrimental effects that the actions of just a few officers can have on the reputation and standing of our entire law enforcement community. Until recently, I know that I have done my job well, and have worked hard to diligently serve the people of Tulsa.

The choices that lead me to write this letter were mine and mine alone, and do not reflect the high ideals and character of the department as a whole. They are not in keeping with the oath that I swore as an officer. Though I know that I am innocent of any crime, I am fully aware that my actions nevertheless constitute violations of departmental policy. My choices were selfish, and did not serve the best interest of the department or the city of Tulsa.

I understand that the department has policies in place for a number of reasons, but particularly to protect the citizens of Tulsa and the department itself. It is my sincere hope that my actions will not reflect poorly on the department as a whole.

I have the best interests of the department and our community in my heart, and it is for that reason that I hereby officially submit my resignation as a sworn officer with the Tulsa Police Department. I am innocent of the crime of which I have been accused, but I hope that my resignation from a job I love will lessen any negative attention my choices might draw for the department. I will forever remain grateful for the privilege of working with some of the finest men and women in law enforcement. It takes a special kind of person to serve and protect, and I will continue to keep you and my fellow officers in my thoughts and prayers.

DeAngelo Reyes

Reyes has been charged with Rape in the First Degree.

The Tulsa Police Department is asking anyone who’s had contact with Reyes that they considered to be inappropriate to contact their Special Victims Unit at 918-596-9168 or