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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After KFOR heard from the family of a COVID-19 patient who is battling the virus inside Tuscany Village Nursing Center and claims he’s not receiving proper care, we’ve now heard from a resident there who said she’s witnessed that lack of treatment. 

“We saw him decline pretty rapidly just from dehydration and no food,” Marla Bennett Miller told News 4 on Wednesday. 

That’s what Bennett Miller said her brother has been enduring in the COVID wing inside the Tuscany Village Nursing Center in The Village. 

The company that owns the center, Stonegate Senior Living, LLC, said the allegations have no merit. 

After News 4’s story aired Wednesday, our crew received a phone call from a Tuscany Village resident. 

“This is a nightmare in here right now,” the woman said. 

She said she wanted to remain anonymous in fear of receiving poor treatment. 

“I guess the gentleman that family called yesterday, one of the aides told me last night, whenever family or someone says something about it, then that’s going to make it twice as hard on the individual that is here,” she said. 

Stonegate Senior Living, LLC sent News 4 the following statement Wednesday: 

Tuscany Village Nursing Center has been contacted by KFOR, the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City, regarding allegations made by a Tuscany Village resident’s family with respect to the resident’s care.  Tuscany Village’s privacy policies, as well as federal and state law, preclude Tuscany Village from commenting regarding any resident’s medical condition.  Tuscany Village investigates all such concerns in conformity with applicable facility policies and regulations and have done so in this instance.  With respect to questions regarding the facility’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the facility initiated a COVID-19 management plan in early March in accordance with guidance issued by the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Oklahoma State Department of Health and other federal, state and local agencies.  The program has been revised on an ongoing basis in response to the numerous changes in the agency directives.  The health and safety or our residents is of paramount importance to Tuscany Village and we will continue to use our best efforts to provide the highest quality services possible given the numerous and unprecedented challenges that healthcare facilities are confronted with in the face of the pandemic.   

StoneGate Senior Living, LLC

“Here in Oklahoma, we are seeing increased incidences of staff members and unfortunately residents who are contracting the virus,” Steven Buck, President of Care Providers Oklahoma, told KFOR. 

Buck said nursing homes have been hit pretty hard in recent weeks, as community spread continues to climb. 

“The employees of nursing homes, they shop in a community, they go to worship services in a community. So, as there’s heightened presence of the virus in a community, the chances that a staff member becomes diagnosed increases greatly,” Buck said. “We need to keep in mind when we talk about the three W’s of wearing a mask, social distancing and washing our hands, that we are not only impacting hospitals but also those employees who are serving our most fragile in terms of health indicators in our long-term care facilities.”