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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Tenants of a Northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex say they haven’t had heat for weeks and are frustrated that management won’t fix the issue.

Tuesday, KFOR walked inside a few of the Foxcroft Apartments, located at 6810 NW 16th St., and indeed, they were cold. We spoke with at least eight residents around the complex who are all complaining about cold days and colder nights.

“It’s freezing and I’m not understanding why we don’t have heat when it’s a necessity” said Kevin Boyd. “It’s excruciating. I wouldn’t wish that upon nobody.”

“It’s ice cold and I don’t know what else to do,” Kimberly Banks told KFOR. “I keep bundled up in my jacket and sweats because I don’t know when the next time I’m going to receive heat is.”

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Foxcroft Apartments

One tenant, Cathy Chatmon, said they’ve had no heat since the temperature started taking a notable dip in October.

“I’ve got three comforters on my bed trying to stay warm,” she said. “Management keeps saying somebody’s working on it. I don’t see nobody working. Nobody’s working. We have no heat. Nobody’s doing anything. We have no heat. That’s the bottom line.”

Foxcroft management has given space heaters to some tenants, but not all. Chatmon has been using her oven to heat her apartment by turning it on and leaving the door open for the hot air to escape.

Tenants have been told there’s some sort of gas leak affecting the complex’s heating system and that the issue is being addressed. When KFOR went to ask management what’s going on Tuesday, we were told they’re “unable to comment.”

A spokesperson for the City of Oklahoma City tells KFOR they were just notified of the heating problem Tuesday. They’re going to inspect the apartments as soon as possible, and if there’s still no heat, they’ll issue a notice of violation.