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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics say they are continuing to crack down on black market marijuana operations.

Last month, OBN agents conducted two raids on a marijuana farm in Guthrie and seized around 15,000 plants.

“We are basically looking at this as a criminal organization that is simply using Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program to continue to operate their illegal operation under the guise of a medical marijuana farm,” said OBN spokesman Mark Woodward.

Earlier this month, agents also cracked down on an illegal grow operation in Erick that was connected to the Guthrie farm.

“This is all tied of criminal organizations moving hundreds of pounds of marijuana onto the black market under the guise of a ‘medical marijuana’ farm,” Woodward said in a statement.

Now, officials say they shut down another Logan County farm that was tied to a criminal organization that was growing marijuana for the black market.

“This was another piece of an ongoing investigation targeting criminals moving thousands of pounds of marijuana onto the streets while hiding behind a state medical marijuana license,” Woodward said.

As a result, several people are facing charges as the investigation unfolds.