OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics seized over 7,000 pounds of marijuana in a semi truck and shut down an Oklahoma City black market marijuana warehouse distribution center April 14.

According to OBN, the marijuana was disguised in security camera boxes.

“Our investigating has identified multiple farms transporting marijuana to this Oklahoma City warehouse where it is repackaged into ‘camera equipment’ boxes and shipped to New York and New Jersey, orchestrated by individuals tied to Oklahoma consulting groups,” said Mark Woodward, OBN Spokesman.

Officials with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics say agents have been able to link sex trafficking, prostitution, and drug trafficking to multiple illegal medical marijuana farms in Oklahoma.

“Over the past two years, we have shut down more than 800 farms and arrested over 200 individuals as part of our agency’s commitment to target and dismantle criminal organizations that have obtained a commercial marijuana license by fraud, moved their product to the out-of-state black market, or both,” said OBN Director Donnie Anderson.

Anyone with information about criminal drug activity is encouraged to contact OBN at 1-800-522-8031.