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SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office says a brutal dog attack of a 1-year-old in Spencer could lead to charges for the dog’s owner and the child’s parents.

J.J. Rodriguez is still recovering weeks after being attacked by his neighbor’s pitbull. 

J.J. Rodriguez in the sand
Courtesy: Delphina Wright

“He doesn’t deserve this. He’s a baby… He had no face,” said Delfina Wright, J.J.’s grandmother.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office released new details about the investigation.

“This is an accident, a tragic accident. But it’s one that could have been prevented,” said Oklahoma Co. Sheriff Tommie Johnson III.

Sheriff Johnson pointed out that J.J. was outside without parental supervision and that the dog’s owners didn’t have a fence around their backyard.

Investigators told KFOR J.J. was playing with his sister and other kids in the front yard of his family’s home, but got curious and walked into his neighbor’s backyard.

When the neighbor heard the noise, they opened to door to investigate, and that’s when one of the pitbulls got out.

The dog attacked J.J., leaving his eyes dislocated, nose bitten off, and jaws broken in several different places.

J.J. Rodriguez in the hospital, face blurred
Courtesy: Delphina Wright

“This is difficult for me too because I have kids,” said Sheriff Johnson. “But when you have kids, we got to make sure we’re watching our kids.” 

Aaron Brilbeck with the Oklahoma Co. Sheriff’s Office told KFOR police had been called to the dog owner’s home four times within two years.

“I’m emotionally crumbled,” said Chad Minshew, dog’s owner.  “I’ve had that dog for five years. He’s never been aggressive. I have kids. He’s never done anything like that.” 

The dogs are now gone. The owner signing orders to have one of them put down.

The investigation is moving forward, and the dog’s owners as well as J.J.’s parents could end up facing charges at the end of the week. 

“That’s why we’re running a full investigation to see where these charges laid and who they can possibly land on,” said Johnson.