OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) has announced that “significant” signage upgrades will impact traffic along I-40 and I-235 corridors in the Oklahoma City metro area.

According to ODOT, they will be addressing 151 hard-to-read signs that have reached the end of their lifespan. Motorists can expect traffic delays and congestion at the 10 structure upgrade locations through spring.

Signage replacement in OKC metro area. Image courtesy ODOT.
Signage replacement in OKC metro area. Image courtesy ODOT.

Initially, ODOT began working on signage upgrades in early February and is experiencing notable traffic impacts on I-235 between I-40/I-235/Dallas Jct. and N. 23rd St. as well as on I-40 between Morgan Rd. and Portland Ave. west of the I-40/I-44 Jct.

ODOT says the project features new monotube signage structures and 64 new overhead signs at the 10 locations in addition to replacing 87 ground-mounted signs along these sections of I-40 and I-235. The ground-mounted sign installations are expected to have little to no impact on traffic as it will occur in the rights-of-way through fall 2023.

According to officials, most of the signage being addressed has become hard to read, especially at night. The signage and the 10 sign structures are being replaced due to age and condition problems as part of ODOT’s continuous maintenance initiative.

“We appreciate the patience of I-40 and I-235 motorists during this project. The department recognizes there is never a convenient time to impact traffic, but this project will improve visibility and safety for motorists along the corridor for years to come,” said Trenton January, ODOT District 4 Engineer, who oversees Oklahoma City metro highway projects. “We are finding ways to limit as much of the impact to motorists as we can, including closing shoulders instead of lanes when possible and some night work where feasible. Due to the size and weight of the new monotube sign structures and the large equipment needed to put them in place, it is safer to do day-time installations for that portion of the work.”

The following locations are experiencing work:

  • The left lanes and shoulders of northbound and southbound I-235 will be closed at N.E. 23rd St. (mm 2A, 2B) and near Oklahoma City Blvd. (mm 1C) through Monday.
  • The southbound I-235 inside shoulder is closed and the left lane of northbound I-235 is closed at Lincoln Blvd. just north of I-40 in the Dallas Jct. through Sunday.
  • The westbound I-40 shoulder will be closed at Meridian Ave. (mm 145) through February.
  • The left lane of eastbound I-40 will be closed at MacArthur Blvd. (mm 143) through February.

Upcoming signage replacement locations through spring include:

  • Southbound I-235 at the I-40/I-35/I-235 Dallas Jct. between Sheridan and the I-40 Jct.
  • Northbound I-235 exit to N. 10th St. where most of the work will impact the ramp connecting to N. 10th St.
  • The westbound I-40 off-ramp to Morgan Rd. (mm 140)
  • Eastbound I-40 between MacArthur and Meridian
  • Eastbound I-40 just east of Meridian
  • Westbound I-40 just west of Portland Ave.

For more information, visit ODOT’s website.

For Oklahoma City’s Traffic Advisory, visit oktraffic.org.