OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – If you have weekend plans that include a route going southbound on I-35 in Oklahoma City, you may want to find another way to get there and pack some patience.

“This is an interim fix to basically improve the pavement condition until we can do a full reconstruction project, which is currently slated for fiscal year 2029,” said Lisa Shearer-Salim, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

Starting Friday night at 7pm, ODOT said a 4-mile stretch of I-35 is getting a facelift.

Take a look at the color red on this map. It shows where the southbound lanes of I-35, between I-44 and I-40, will be closed.

To the left, the green line shows the detour. At 7pm, traffic will be diverted on I-35 at Wilshire and be pushed to the right lanes that exit to westbound I-44.

“And then they can take southbound i-235 to hook back up to southbound I-35,” said Shearer-Salim.

This means, you need to look for different routes if you’re headed to Frontier City, Remington Park, The Science Museum, and the OKC Zoo. The Zoo said it see’s up to 6,000 people a day on weekends.

“The Northeast 50th exit, 36th Street exit from I-35 to get to the zoo, that will be closed. So, that’s why we’re suggesting alternate routes,” said Candice Rennels, with the OKC Zoo.You can come from I-44. There’s a lot of access roads here in the metro area, northeast 50th Street, 63rd.”

ODOT said by doing this on the weekend less drivers will be impacted. It also speeds up the project’s timeline.

“The contractor came to us and said, ‘Hey, if you’re willing to do one way interstate closures for a weekend, each time we think we can get this project done in two months,’” said Shearer-Salim.

ODOT said the bottom line is to plan ahead.

“You can use our free mobile app Drive Oklahoma. That’s a free download and shows you actual travel times in real time,” said Shearer-Salim. 

The lanes will be back open at 6am on Monday, just in time for the morning commute. ODOT also wants you to mark your calendars for September 30th. That’s when the same thing is happening again, but for the northbound lanes.