CHOCTAW, Okla. (KFOR) – First-degree murder charges are now filed against a 15-year-old more than two weeks after investigators said he shot two other teenagers at a high school football game, killing one of them.

The charges come as questions continue to swirl around a separate shooting at the game.

The excitement of the first football game of the season was shattered by gunfire at the Choctaw vs. Del City football game.

Prosecutors are now charging 15-year-old Dayvion Hamilton with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing 16-year-old Cordea Carter.

Amid the panic, Oklahoma County detectives said a Del City police officer, working security, shot 43-year-old Demetrize Carter in the chest.

“The officer perceived some sort of threat,” said Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, of Oklahoma County.

On Monday, the attorney for Demetrize Carter, Billy Clark, sent a letter to the district attorney asking for the officer to be charged, saying the officer, “displayed poor judgment, fired his weapon without any active threat against him or others, and violated the constitutional rights of Mr. Demetrize Carter and other citizens nearby and within the zone of danger.”

“He was breaking up this fight when an officer approached him. He put his hands up and he even said the words, ‘don’t shoot,'” said Clark.

“I will challenge him to show me any evidence that Demetrize Carter raised his hand and said ‘Don’t shoot,'” said Gary James, who represents the officer. “He was not near Cordea Carter at any time of the shooting.”

James said his client and another officer saw Clark lift up his arm with something black in his hand.

“That both officers interpreted were a pistol,” said James. “There was a gun in close proximity to Demetrize Carter. There was also a gun near Cordea Carter. Who’s guns are they? I don’t know.”

“He was trying to do the right thing,” said Clark.

James said both Del City officers are cooperating with investigators.