CHOCTAW, Okla. (KFOR) – Investigators are releasing new information after Friday night lights ended in gunfire.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff said an off-duty officer shot and critically wounded a man, while the Choctaw Police Department has no clear details on the identity of the suspect who shot and killed a 16-year-old boy.

Fans were enjoying the third quarter of the Friday night Choctaw vs. Del City football game.

Suddenly, there were gunshots, chaos, and a rush of adrenaline.

“This is an argument that broke out that people chose to involve weapons,” said Chief Kelly Marshall of the Choctaw Police Department. “I don’t know what the argument is about.”

Investigators said they found two guns and eight rounds at the scene. One of those bullets hit and killed Cordea Carter, a 16-year-old student at Midwest City High School. Carter’s family released his identity and picture to News 4.

Cordae Carter
Cordea Carter. Image courtesy Candi Smith.

“He was just a cool guy. We would mostly talk about music other things that he liked to do,” said Desean Lehman, who went to school with Carter. “Good student as well.”

Another bullet struck a young girl in the leg. She was treated and released.

On Monday, Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, along with Del City Police Department officials, said two off-duty Del City police officers were working security.

“The officer perceived some sort of threat,” said Sheriff Johnson. “Our investigation shows the Del City officer did shoot a 42-year-old man in the chest. He remains in critical condition at this time.”

“Our school superintendent was directly involved with saving his life,” said Chief Marshall. “The school safety administration, along with his brother, who is a trauma surgeon, were working on that man.”

Now that officer, and the other off-duty officer working security, are on paid administrative leave.

“This is a critical incident,” said Chief Loyd Berger, with the Del City Police Department. “I need him time to decompress and be ready to interview with the sheriff’s office and cooperate fully.”

The sheriff’s office is asking anyone with video or pictures from the game to upload it onto their website.

The sheriff notes his deputies are only looking into the off-duty officer’s involvement. The homicide will be investigated by Choctaw Police.

Right now, it’s unclear if the victims were somehow involved in the argument or if they were simply in the crossfire.

Choctaw Police said they are still searching for the suspect.

“I don’t believe the public is in danger at all,” said Chief Marshall.

Meanwhile, the chief of police said she is incredibly proud of her community.

“You hear stories of football players who shielded and protected band members, cheerleaders,” said the chief. “Neighbors who didn’t hesitate to open their door to hysterical kids.”