COLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Cleanup continues in Cole after a devastating F-3 tornado hit the town and other surrounding areas earlier this week.

In an evening update from the McClain County Sheriff’s office, officials noted that upon an initial damage assessment, 61 total homes were affected, 27 homes were destroyed, 23 homes had major damage and 11 homes had minor damage.

Approximately 250 homes in the county are still without power.

“It’s been a while since we had something like this in the county,” said McClain County Sheriff Offolter.

“It’s bad, a lot of damage, a lot of people lost a lot of property, lost some lives, people injured and we just need a lot of prayers,” he added.

However, in an interview with KFOR, Offolter said support has poured in from around the state.

“Multiple counties [and] other sheriffs have offered to help us [and] just the support is overwhelming,” he said.

Food, water, supplies, and showers are available at several Red Cross sites are available for anyone affected by the tornadoes, including Noble High School, Washington School Gym and Citizen Potawatomi Reunion Hall in Shawnee.

Food and other resources are also available at Cole Baptist Church and The Cole Fire Department.

Increased safety and security measures are still in effect in affected areas.