MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Officials with the Midwest City Fire Department are warning residents about imposters going door-to-door trying to scam citizens out of their hard-earned money.

“It is intrusive to do that,” said MWC Fire Chief Bert Norton. “We don’t go door-to-door collecting money for any fundraisers.”

Fire Department officials said they got a tip from a victim’s daughter, who said a suspect posed as a firefighter and knocked on doors at a local apartment complex asking for donations.

“This guy was not in uniform. He had no identifying characteristics with him,” said Norton.

However, in the suspect’s hands was a rubber boot. That’s a tool the fire department often uses during their “Fill the Boot” campaign for muscular dystrophy. It’s a move other departments also use.

“Our speculation today is that someone may have done that in or around the metro area, been collecting money a little bit on Memorial Day, and gave [the suspect] the idea that, ‘Hey, they’re doing this. I’ll start. This is what I’m going to do.’”

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Someone is going door-to-door pretending to be a firefighter collecting donations. Image KFOR

Chief Norton said the victim handed the alleged swindler a $20 bill, but didn’t appear to be satisfied with that “donation amount.”

“He turned around and asked her, ‘Can you give me a little bit more?’ And she did,” said Norton. “If somebody comes by and drops the donation off for whatever it may be, we don’t look at them and say, ‘This isn’t enough. Can we have more?’ We’re always grateful.”

When the department caught wind of the scam, the suspect was long gone.

Now, fire officials hope potential victims will see this and not fall for the scam.

“If it feels awkward and doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it and always call the police and let them get a hold of them so we can stop it from happening to others,” said Norton.

The chief said sometimes the department will go door-to-door to check and install smoke detectors. Even then, they will not ask you for donations.

KFOR reached out to the victim’s daughter, but we did not hear back.

Norton chose not to disclose the apartment complex where this incident took place.