OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Dozens of linemen from OG&E are back in the Sooner State after spending two weeks helping residents impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Officials say the 95 linemen and support staff returned home late Sunday after making strides in restoring electricity for tens of thousands of customers in Florida.

The team worked in the community of Melbourne before traveling to Punta Gorda where Hurricane Ian caused significant damage and power outages to 126,000 customers.

Officials say the linemen worked 16-hour shifts, removing dangerous obstacles and repairing essential equipment.

OG&E Manager of Distribution Construction and Storm Response Lead Chad Guthrie says even though the linemen are tired, they are grateful they were able to help those in need.

“Floridians have been really encouraging no matter where we are – including the customers’ gratitude, other vegetation crews and contractors saying thank you. We are fortunate to work with these individuals and that continuous encouragement keeps us going,” Guthrie said. “We really enjoyed what we’ve been a part of, and the outpouring of support reenergized us – we want to thank everyone in Florida, our families and customers in our home state for that.”

OG&E officials say they have received calls from residents, expressing their gratitude for OG&E’s hard work. Florida Power and Light personnel event created a slogan to emphasize how vital the crews have been; “When in doubt, send OG&E out.”

“I want to express my appreciation. The guys really did an outstanding job and set themselves apart in terms of their quality, dedication and commitment to safety,” Florida Power and Light Power Incident Commander, Brevard County, Florida, Sean Mauldin said. “These crews worked extremely hard day in and day out, but I hope a silver lining for them was getting to take in the view of the ocean from their bucket trucks while they worked along the beach on a barrier island.”