OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The holidays are here, and officials are warning residents about the increase in the number of scams going around the metro.

Recently, officials with OG&E say scammers have started targeting OG&E customers by phone.

The scammer will tell the customer that they need to make an immediate payment or their electricity will be cut off.

However, OG&E says it will never call a customer to issue a cut-off notice or demand immediate payment.

The company says it will never:

  • Call you directly, even if you balance is past due
  • Ask for payment over the phone
  • Demand that you pay a bill with a pre-paid debit card
  • Ask that you meet them somewhere to make a bill payment
  • Tell you that someone will come to your house or business to collect payment in cash
  • Ask for your bank information or credit card number over the phone.

OG&E’s security team is investigating the scams, adding that the criminals are spoofing the company’s phone number.

If you believe you have been targeted by scammers, hang up and call OG&E and the Federal Trade Commission.