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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released body and dashcam footage of the dangerous chase between a trooper and an armed robbery suspect from Arizona.

The video only shows the chase that led up to the shootout along the Turner Turnpike. Sources tell News 4 the footage showing the troopers returning fire was edited out because it’s part of an ongoing investigation. The purpose of Thursday’s video is to prove the suspect shot first.

“Passing 10th. Nearly struck a OCPD motorcycle officer,” said Trooper Brack Miller, with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Miller kept his calm while dodging bullets from an Arizona armed robbery suspect’s gun.

The chase happened on April 2 on one of the metro’s busiest turnpikes.

“Going to be eastbound on the Kilpatrick,” said Miller on the dash cam footage.

The suspect, 32-year-old Charles Carswell, refused to stop.

“[Trooper] 950, shots fired. He shot one through the back window,” said Miller. “Still pointing the gun.”

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The back windshield begins to shatter as the suspect opens fire.

KFOR zoomed in and slowed down the footage as the trooper and the suspect approached Eastern. You can see glass shattering as Carswell’s bullets fly.

Shortly after, Trooper Miller attempts his first tactical maneuver, but it didn’t work.

“Woo! That was ugly!” He’s heard saying on the footage.

Meanwhile, Carswell kept firing.

“I’ve taken one round through the front windshield,” said Miller. “He’s still continuing to fire.”

One of the suspect’s shots hit their target, cracking the trooper’s windshield. OHP cut the video before the bullet hit the glass.

Shootout with suspect on Turner Turnpike
The scene of a shootout with a suspect on Turner Turnpike. The suspect was killed. Photo from KFOR.

As the shootout moved to the Turner Turnpike, Carswell kept firing, before Miller tried another pit maneuver. This one caused the SUV to spin out of control.

“TVI TVI TVI!” shouts Miller into the radio.

Sources told News 4 that’s when Carswell got out of the SUV, grabbed an AK-47 and started firing at troopers. However, none of that footage was released by OHP.

Traffic was backed up for miles on the Turner Turnpike, as a standoff between Carswell, OHP and Oklahoma City kicked off.

“It was like a war zone,” said Wade Carter, who was stuck on the turnpike. “Everywhere you look, there was someone in gear with a gun.”

Hours later, OHP’s tactical team fired the fatal blow, killing Carswell.

“They’re taking rounds and they’re not hiding and they’re not stopping there. They’re becoming more aggressive because they know they need to do that to keep people safe,” said Trooper Eric Foster.

News 4 asked Oklahoma Highway Patrol when the agency will release footage of the standoff. They told us it will be awhile because of the ongoing investigation.