OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One Oklahoma family grateful their little girl is going to be ok after she was kicked in the head by her horse Sept. 2 – thanks, in part, to an official escort to the hospital by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) Trooper.

On that Friday, 6-year-old Margie Manning was kicked multiple times by her horse at her home.

OHP officials say Manning’s family lives out in the country, so instead of waiting for an ambulance, her parents loaded her up and started driving to Southwest Medical Center.

While rushing to the hospital, Trooper Michael Shanholtzer stopped them for speeding.

However, OHP says once Shanholtzer realized what was happening, he escorted them to the hospital.

He also told Emergency Communications Officer Stephanie Henderson, who called ahead to let the hospital know they were on their way.

Trooper Shanholtzer stayed with Margie until she went in to see the doctor.

According to OHP, Margie had a busted vessel in her face which had caused her nose to bleed excessively and throw up blood.

Courtesy: OHP

Officials also say when her horse kicked her, she fell back onto concrete and got a concussion, but miraculously, nothing was broken.

Despite the concussion and bruises on her face, neck, chest and arms, Margie is smiling and on her way to a full recovery.

“We’re truly grateful we were in the right place at the right time to help,” said OHP in a post. “We wish her a speedy recovery!”