OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is tallying up the numbers to figure out how many drunk drivers they stopped during its latest ENDUI checkpoint.

OHP and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office were out from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. on April 1st. Their sobriety checkpoint, near N.W. 206th and Highway 74, was no April Fool’s joke.

Extra deputies and troopers were out staking the roads, both out in the open and out of sight. They were all on the hunt for impaired drivers. The goal was to get them out of their cars and off the streets.

In 2019, troopers said 338 people were killed in drug or alcohol-related crashes.

Troopers and deputies said not only could you hurt yourself or kill innocent people, but driving drunk could wreck your wallet with the $10,000 mistake. That’s on top of the state’s other serious repercussions.

OHP said by giving the public a heads up of where they’ll be, it creates the perception of risk. People who may drive drunk often, or doing it the first time, may think twice if they know deputies and troopers are on the look out.

The choice could save hundreds and that’s the whole point.

Highway Patrol said it’s going to take some time to add up all numbers to see how many people were caught driving impaired.

The END DUI team also said it assembles teams in certain areas based on data from the Highway Safety Office, or if they’re asked to stake out a specific area.