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The original article was updated with an additional statement provided by the family.

SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office has declined to file child neglect charges against the family of a toddler mauled by their neighbors’ dogs in Spencer. 

“I would always say before he’s the world’s strongest little boy, and he’s proven it,” said Jose Rodriguez. 

J.J. was reportedly playing in his front yard with his sisters when he walked into the unfenced backyard of a neighbor’s home, according to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

J.J. Rodriguez in the sand

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, the neighbor opened the door and the pitbulls escaped.

However, J.J.’s father, Jose Rodriguez, disputes those claims. He told KFOR in a message, “I watched him being dragged off my lawn with my own two eyes.”

Instead, he claims the dogs dragged his son onto the neighbor’s property.

J.J.’s parents claimed more than one dog attacked him, leaving his eyes dislocated, a nose bitten off, jaws broken into several different places, and other significant injuries. 

“I’m the one that went out there and fought the dogs off of them,” said Jose. “I’m trying to protect him and just the feeling of, you know, lifting my son’s body off the ground and then trying to keep him alive. I have nightmares all the time.”

But another nightmare the family was possibly facing: child neglect charges.

The sheriff’s office was investigating claims that JJ was left unattended.

But now, the family is relieved after learning Oklahoma County DA David Prater declined to file any charges against his mom and dad.

“I just wish I could go out there a little quicker,” said Jose. “I mean, it was literally seconds, but even in those seconds, all that damage that was done, he’s never going to know what normal is.”

J.J. is affectionately known as the “indestructible baby.” His dad told KFOR J.J. is proving he’s more than resilient.

“I taught him how to crawl and walk before I could do it again,” said Cassandra Rodriguez. “That’s just what I’ll do. He’s my strength.” 

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J.J. recently had his stitches removed from his face, and he can now see out of one of his eyes.

KFOR asked the family and their attorney if they would file a lawsuit against the dog owners and declined to comment. 

There has been no decision yet from the DA prater on whether the dog owners will be facing charges.