OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has responded to the Francis Tuttle Portland campus after a reported stabbing.

“Our victim, kiddo that went to school there went in to use the restroom, the suspect came into the restroom after him,” said Sheriff Tommie Johnson III.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office told News 4 the victim is a Deer Creek High School student and was stabbed in the shoulder.

“We are unsure at the moment why this took place, why this kid was targeted with this incident,” said Johnson. “The injury was significant enough, that the kid had to be transported.”

Officials said the school resource officer rushed into the chaos, getting medical aide for to the injured student before tracking down the attacker.

“And then once that was there left, and went and found the suspect, apprehending the suspect and taking him into custody,” explained Johnson.

In a statement, leaders with Francis Tuttle told News 4,

The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority.  We are both saddened and shocked at the incident that occurred on our Portland Campus this morning.  The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has a Student Resource Officer stationed at each of our campuses.  Our Portland Campus SRO responded immediately and apprehended the suspect quickly.  The student who was injured was transported to a local hospital.  We appreciate the quick response of the sheriff’s office as well as the Oklahoma City Police Department.  We will have counselors available for both students and staff who may need assistance.  

Statement from Francis Tuttle Technology Center

A sentiment one student agreed with.

“You don’t expect that, we do id’s everyday, you’d think it was a lot safer,” said Blake Davis, student.

Davis said he was surprised to find out a fellow classmate had been attacked inside the school.

“It’s terrible,” said Davis. “People, friends at Tuttle we all know each other very well, pretty tight knit group.”

News 4 is working to find out more about the condition of the student who was stabbed, as well as the name of the suspect who was arrested.