OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – On the heels of State Superintendent Ryan Walters campaigning for changes for Oklahoma schools to improve with significant measures in place for accountability members of the legislative branches are starting to address the rhetoric used to get there.

Senate Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City, issued the following statement Tuesday regarding the House Democrats’ call for an investigation into the actions of the state superintendent of public instruction.

“We support our Democratic colleagues in the State House in their call for the Speaker of the House to convene a special bipartisan committee to investigate the actions of the state superintendent of public instruction amid bomb threats for Tulsa area elementary schools. These threats are a direct result of reckless rhetoric and must be addressed.

As elected leaders, we are obligated to our constituents to hold the government accountable to the people of Oklahoma. The safety of Oklahoma’s students and families depends on changes to the current situation.”

 – State Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City

Last week, Rep. Dollens -(D), posted on  X, formerly Twitter, about the call to action.

“Due to Ryan Walters’ persistent weaponization of his office, three bomb threats have been made against an Elementary school, putting innocent lives at risk. I call upon @SpeakerMcCall and @Sen_GregTreat to immediately start the impeachment process and let us vote to remove Walters before irreversible harm is inflicted.”

Previously, State Superintendent Ryan Walters stated clearly his position concerning Tulsa Public Schools and it’s current systems that support their accreditation status.

Reporter: Are you holding every other school district that’s not performing accountable the same way you are holding TPS accountable?

Ryan Walters: Absolutely. We’re going to hold every district in the state accountable to perform for their kids. The reality is Tulsa is uniquely bad.

Superintendent Walters released a video, posted to SDE.ok.gov, that shows a timeline of negligence by Tulsa Public schools.


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“Students continue to have poor achievement, financial mismanagement and a lack of specificity around academic programming,” said Walters in an earlier press conference.

This story is developing.