OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation addressed numerous topics during its April 3 meeting.

One thing the Department addressed was their statement regarding the use of arrow rifles during archery season.

According to the Dept. of Wildlife, there is legislation currently moving through the state Senate and House of Representatives that would allow the use of air-powered arrow rifles during any archery-only season, including the state’s deer archery season.

Senate Bill 352 would allow the use of an air-powered arrow rifles for physically disabled people. House Bill 2355 would allow arrow-shooting airguns, or ‘air bows’, as a legal hunting method during any archery season.

In the Department’s statement, it states the Wildlife Commission does not support the legislation and recommends the bills be vetoed or stricken is necessary. Currently, air-powered arrow rifles are legal during any season that allows the use of rifles.

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Putting legislation aside, the Department also mentioned other news at the meeting including awards and donations.

Commissioners also addressed the recognition award given to the Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership as well as a $2,000 donation from Central Oklahoma 89er Chapter of Quail Forever.