LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A disabled veteran and his wife received their February water bill only to find out they owed Logan County Rural Water District 1 $3,014.44.

According to that bill, half of that total was due immediately.

“You’re attacking the livelihood of my family,” said Charles Matthew Moser.

Moser said he has had several issues with his water meter for the last year. In August, a pipe connected to the meter burst. Moser recalled a part of his backyard flooding because of it.

A Logan County Rural Water District 1 representative also said there could have been a leak in November because their system indicates Moser used 45,000 gallons of water which would be enough to fill two swimming pools.

Come December, he said Logan County started investigating and even took their meter to be tested for accuracy.

Moser said they were promised the results as soon as they came in, but those never showed up. Instead, a certified letter containing a pre-lien notice was sent to his home in mid-February.

“You are receiving this letter in regards to your unpaid invoices that are long past due. The amount of invoice included with this letter will have to be paid to avoid a lien to be placed on these properties. Payment of invoice must be paid within 30 days of the date of this letter,” the notice read.

“I thought the letter was going to be about, like, hey, here’s a results. It aggravated me. I mean, you know, I live off fixed income. I take care of my mother in law. My mom lives out here. Our second oldest daughter still lives with us, so we’ve got a grandchild and our youngest child. I pay for everything for the most part,” said Moser.

News 4 stopped by the Logan County Rural Water District 1 office Tuesday afternoon.

The General Manager, Buddy Thompson declined an interview, but did give News 4 information off-camera.

Thompson said they did send the water meter off for testing, but those results didn’t come back until January 3.

He said those results were supposed to be mailed to Moser, but after talking with a co-worker of his who sent the certified letter, he realized they were never sent.

Thompson gave News 4 a copy where it shows the meter is 99% accurate.

When the test was performed is listed for January of 2022, but Thompson said that’s an error and it should be for January of 2023.

Despite there being numerous claims of leaks and Moser saying the meter had a crack in it, Thompson said it is the family’s responsibility to repair it and pay the costs of the leak.

Those costs along with fees came out to over three grand which Moser said was unbelievable.

News 4 asked Thompson why a mishap like this would result in such a costly bill. Thompson told KFOR Moser’s bill was not that high.

News 4 showed Thompson a copy of the bill showing the $3,000 total.

He said the bill statement News 4 had a copy of was pulled from the online payment portal they use called Pay Station.

Thompson’s office claimed it wasn’t an error on their end, so it must be an error with Pay Station.

A Logan County Rural Water District 1 representative then hopped on the phone with Pay Station who also claimed they weren’t sure of the problem either, but that it would be fixed.

Instead of the $3,014.44, Moser’s new bill is $1,640.69.

“It’s going to make things a little bit more difficult, but I’m going to make sure I keep us afloat,” said Moser.

Another question that came to Moser’s mind is why each bill shows a previous balance. For example, in October 2021, the couple’s bill was $108.32 and they paid it in full.

However, their November bill showed a “previous balance” of $438.22.

That “previous balance” was never listed on the October statement though.

Thompson said “previous balance” doesn’t actually mean previous balance, but more so what is owed for that month alone.

Moser says he is frustrated with the ordeal and the confusing billing process, so now he’s weighing his options.

“I’d pay for it. I’d rather pay an attorney and win and lose the money to an attorney. But, you know, I’d pay it,” said Moser.

Moser has until March 17 to pay his invoice. Otherwise, a lien will be placed on his home by Logan County Rural Water District 1.

Moser has since stopped using the county’s water and has transitioned to well water, but Thompson said residents will still be charged $15/month whether they are a rural water customer or not.

Thompson recommends residents pay their bills in person rather than online.

If there is an issue with the online payment portal, Thompson urges you to call their office at (405) 282-0746.