OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Lawmakers at the State Capitol are debating education once again.

The leaders of the House and the Senate are feuding over education funding when it comes to school choice commonly known as private school vouchers and teacher pay.

Speaker of the House Charles McCall talking to News 4 says, “The more we look into the Senate’s plan, the more shortcomings we find with it, and concerns.”

“The House’s intent with its plan is for every parent, student, teacher and school district in this state to win and with these teacher pay raises not going to all the teachers in the state, that’s something that has to be corrected and shored up within the final legislation that passes onto the Governor,” says McCall.

Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, is calling on House Speaker Charles McCall to end the political games and rhetoric surrounding the Senate and House education plans.

“His ‘my way or no way’ approach is not how this building operates. The Speaker seems to be intent on torpedoing meaningful education reform, teacher pay raises and more choice for parents again this year. It is unfortunate and I hope he comes to his senses,” said Treat.

Under the Senate plan, every teacher in Oklahoma would receive raises of $3,000 (for 0-4 years of service), $4,000 (for 5-9 years of service), $5,000 (for 10-14 years of service) and $6,000 (for 15+ years of service). The Senate plan also includes merit pay for teachers who deserve to be rewarded by high classroom performance.