OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A warning from Oklahoma animal hospitals: watch out for stray dogs along roadways.

One Oklahoma City animal hospital says they are seeing a rise in stray dogs getting hurt with nowhere to turn.

Fortunately, one hospital has been taking in as many cases as possible, but they say now it’s getting overwhelming. 

“This is the worst it has ever been in 20 years,” said Shelby Savely, veterinarian assistant at Woodlake Animal Hospital. 

Just this week, Woodlake Animal Hospital has taken in four new strays with pretty serious injuries after being hit by cars. They say the issue is the worst it’s been in 20 years and the cost of those surgeries is adding up. 

“Right now, we’re probably a couple thousand dollars behind and we’re still getting calls every day to take more in… Now we’re starting to get a little bit overwhelmed. It started off with a couple of dogs a month and now we’re getting like calls and questions daily,” said Savely.

Animals are frequently brought to the animal hospital in poor condition. One dog, Reba, was brought to the hospital recently and needed to have a big surgery after she was hit by a car.  

“She got she was hit by a car and then was laying in a ditch for we don’t know how many days or how long… she was so dehydrated and she was covered in fleas and was super anemic, which was not helping for the weakness… We haven’t got it yet, but it’s going to need a plate on her leg because one of her back legs is shattered and then she’s going to need a FHL on her hip, too,” said Savely. 

Today, Reba is walking, thanks to the Angel Fund, which was started by the hospital to help animals, such as strays, in need of care when there’s no money available. 

“We really try hard to not say no, because obviously we really want to help them and we figure it out,” said Savely.  

Shelby Savely said they started the animal rescue fund because they saw a need, but now they say it’s getting overwhelming. There’s not enough money in the fund to pay for the major surgeries several dogs need right now.  

“So many unwanted puppies that have nowhere to go in Oklahoma… So, we’ve been figuring out ways to help get them because the state is just so overwhelmed with dogs,” said Savely.  

Savely said the number of stray dogs being found hurt after getting hit by cars has skyrocketed. 

“They end up on the streets getting hit by car or getting sick,” said Savely.  

Woodlake Animal Hospital said they can use some help.  

They are in need of fosters, need more people adopting, and most importantly, they need more donations for the Angel Fund. 

If you would like to donate, you can call them 405-721-6604 at or drop off the donation at the Woodlake Animal Hospital at 6600 NW 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73132.