OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter is closing once again to stop the spread of an upper respiratory infection.

According to OKC Animal Welfare, vet staff noticed a spike in infections among the Shelter’s dog population and sent samples on Monday to be tested. Around 65 dogs are showing symptoms.

This comes after the Shelter closed on March 29 and June 3 due to the same canine flu virus. Staff are working together as they plan for what’s next. As of now, they will continue to treat the dogs with antibiotics, officials say.

The Shelter says animals that are sick, injured or pose a threat to the community will still be taken in. The Shelter currently has a population of around 425 dogs. 

Officials say those who recently adopted dogs from the Shelter should keep an eye on their dogs for upper respiratory-type symptoms such as cough and runny nose. They should reach out to their veterinarian if any of these symptoms develop.

Anyone searching for lost pets can visit okc.gov/animalwelfare. Pets that are at the Shelter can be reclaimed by their owners.