OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A former resident of a Northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex who moved out after a pipe burst in her unit, collapsing her ceiling, told KFOR the complex is still trying to charge her almost $2,000 after a judge dismissed the case.

“They charged me, it was a little bit over $1,800, and that’s when I obviously got ahold of you,” Shatara Thomas told News 4.

Thomas first contacted News 4 last year in March when her ceiling at the Wedgewood Village Apartments in NW OKC collapsed due to a pipe bursting.

Thomas sent News 4 videos of the apartment at the time. It was covered in debris and mold.

“The bathroom is literally falling in,” Thomas said last year.

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The ceiling in Shatara Thomas’ former apartment at Wedgewood Village.

She said management at the complex wasn’t doing anything to repair her apartment.

KFOR called them and stopped by the property last year. Our crew was kicked out and our questions were not answered.

Thomas then moved out a few weeks before her lease was up because she said the conditions were deplorable.

Then, she received the $1,800 bill from the complex for breaking her lease and ended up in court.

“They tried to charge me for April’s rent and March, which I wasn’t there for. My lease was up in March. So I don’t know why they tried to charge me for April,” said Thomas. “We brought up the bill. He dismissed it.”

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Wedgewood Village

Now, 10 months after the case was dismissed, Thomas received the bill again. This time it was from a debt collector.

“I got ahold of collections and they said they’re going to dispute the whole thing and put it into investigations. So hopefully, it gets wiped off my credit,” Thomas said.

News 4 left a message for management at Wedgewood Village on Thursday and emailed them. We have not yet received a response on Thursday.

On Friday, January 21, the Regional Director at Vesta Realty responded to KFOR’s request.

“The resident you’re referring to has not reached out to us directly but she did live at Wedgewood prior to us owning the property– we became the new ownership/management group in July 2021 so we, unfortunately, don’t have any access to details regarding her situation. Since the LLC has changed she does not owe anything to us, but possibly the prior LLC. However, if she needs our assistance filling out any paperwork or getting this resolved we are happy to do what we can.”

Kelsey Gomez., Regional Director at Vesta Realty

“Just be careful with the apartment people, like you have options. You have rights and a lot of apartments, like, really screw over a lot of people. So you have to really just pay attention and know your rights,” Thomas said.

Two other residents contacted News 4 last year after our first story aired about similar issues they were having at Wedgewood Village.

It’s been a year and we still haven’t heard back from management about those cases either.