OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center is showcasing La casa que nos inventamos, which features 19 Mexican artists.

The Blockbuster Guadalajara exhibition is opening on September 23, 2022 and will stay on display through January 9, 2023.

La casa que nos inventamos translates to “The house that we invented”, which showcases over 40 works created within the last 10 years by 19 visual artists that are living or have lived in Guadalajara.

Art showcased in the exhibit. Image from press release.

“After years of research, dialogue and exchange with the artists, galleries, institutions and collectors of Guadalajara, we’re thrilled to welcome this special group of artists to Oklahoma,” said Oklahoma Contemporary Director Jeremiah Matthew Davis. “For anyone who has ever wondered how an arts scene grows from tender seeds to a thriving ecosystem, this show is a must-see.”

Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center | 11 NW 11th St. | Oklahoma City, OK 73103