OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Oklahoma City Council voted to establish the Community Public Safety Advisory Board on Tuesday. The board will be tasked with reviewing the process and results of complaint investigations involving OKCPD officers.

The board will be comprised of nine voting members—eight nominated by a councilmember in their respective ward, and the ninth appointed by Mayor David Holt to serve as Chair. The new board will build on the work of the former Citizen’s Advisory Board that dissolved in May.

The primary goal of the Community Public Safety Advisory Board will be to strengthen community trust and confidence between Oklahoma City elected officials and residents through transparency, communication and education.

Holt approves of the resolution to replace the the former board that “began to fall short of the community’s needs.”

“Advisory boards composed of citizens have proven immensely effective in the implementation of MAPS and other important initiatives,” Holt said. “Certainly, something as important as public safety deserves to also benefit from our most effective models. I commend the Council for adopting this reform, and I commend all involved for continuing to keep the promises made in 2020 that we would collectively work to improve the city’s critical law enforcement function.”

The board will meet monthly, and all meetings will be open to the public.