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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Help is on the way for residents in one southeast Oklahoma City community. 

Residents of the Oakcliff neighborhood have been living in fear of the danger posed by an abandoned pool. 

“It’s pretty scary to me to know that I have an abandoned house on my street. I come and go, and I’m in a wheelchair,” said Annali Nunez. 

Nunez told KFOR she’s been living in the Oakcliff community since she was a child, and a low point is a bright yellow house located in the 5400 block of South Bodine Drive.

The Oklahoma City Council deemed the home and property unsecured Tuesday. 

From the curb, it’s not alarming, but the home has a broken fence that leads residents to an abandoned pool – full of murky water.

“If it’s not covered, I really think it should be covered and secured because there are a lot of children passing through that area every day,” said resident Lakisha Rhode. 

Residents fear kids could fall in and possibly drown. 

“I have nieces and nephews,” said Nunez. 

To make matters worse, there’s a school nearby.

The city’s code enforcement superintendent, Chad Davidson, told KFOR that the city would pump out the pool’s water and build a structure out of plywood over the pool.

Neighbors are thankful to city council members for finding a solution to this problem.

I’m glad they’re concerned and taking a look and taking care of things,” said Clariscy Maytubby. 

Davidson also stated a work order would be issued to secure the property.