OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One driver claims that a construction site did not have barriers and clearly marked signs, which led to her crashing and breaking her nose.

The accident took place on Kelley Avenue and 83rd Street in Northeast Oklahoma City.

Video from Shardayreon Hill shows there are no barriers up when her car flipped into a deep pit.

Her friend was in the car too and did not believe the road was closed.

“It wasn’t saying that the road was closed,” said Delzhea Chatman. “It was more like that one lane was cut off so we could take the other lane, and so she went on the lane that was open.”

The two made their way down the road, on the way to Hill’s mother’s house.

Next thing they knew, the car was tumbling forward.

“I felt like it was turning over like a rollercoaster,” said Hill.

Monday. Image courtesy Shardayreon Hill

The picture is blurry, but it does not appear to show any barrier able to prevent a car from falling into the pit.

On Wednesday, barriers lined the road.

Wednesday. Image courtesy Shardayreon Hill

The Oklahoma City Public Works Department, through a spokeswoman, said this was the first they were hearing of the incident but they would investigate.

The barriers had been up for a while, said the department. But they did not give a specific date on when they were installed.

“We had to walk three blocks down to my mom’s street, and once we got there, my brother was able to take us to the hospital,” said Hill.

Both Hill and Chatman suffered serious cuts to their faces, arms, and feet.

Hill suffered a fractured nose.

The accident happened so fast, said the couple.

“I actually felt blood in my throat, so I was trying to breathe to make sure I didn’t choke on it,” said Hill.

“We couldn’t get the door open because the water was seeping into the car, just submerged,” said Chatman.

The car was eventually pulled out by a tow truck and was pronounced totaled.

Hill said she is temporarily unable to work.

There is an option with the city to file a tort claim, and Hill said they will explore their legal options.