OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An elderly couple in northeast Oklahoma City are frustrated after a water main break on their street left the front of their home in bad shape.

The family claims the water main break caused cracks and damage to their driveway.

They say it happened 10 days ago and ever since then, they’ve been calling and emailing the city several times in hopes to get it fixed.

“I kept calling them and calling them. ‘Y’all need to wash some of this clay away from people’s houses.’ They didn’t do that. I ain’t seen or heard no more from them because they are trying to say, ‘well, your driveway was already cracked.’ No, it was not,” said Marliene Allen, whose driveway was affected by city water main break.

After talking with a public works supervisor, the couple says he told them the driveway already had damage. 

“I said, ‘No, it went like that because that water came with a big force’… Water was just bubbling up, bubbling up, bubbling up,” said Mrs. Allen. 

The asphalt expansion joint between the concrete slabs has also been lifted, causing a tripping hazard, especially for the husband who is completely blind.

They also claim it has lifted the driveway and shifted the pathway leading up to their front porch after they just redid it last summer.  

“We had ours fixed, we had it sealed and we haven’t had any problem until this force of that water raised that cement up and let it drop back down from the force of that water. It wasn’t like that at first,” said Lenice Allen, driveway affected by city water main break.

The red clay from the water main break is up and down the street as well as on their driveway leading up to their porch.  

At 79 years old, Mrs. Allen says she hosed down the driveway to remove some of the clay because no one from the city would help her.  

“My husband talked with him (the supervisor) and he said the (water) truck was broken and they still haven’t been out here… It wasn’t only me, it was the whole neighborhood,” said Mrs. Allen.

“I just want to get something done, get it fixed and resolved, and then you will hear no more from me,” said Mr. Allen.

The family says if they don’t act on the problem now, it will only get worse.  

“I guess we got forgotten about over here,” said Mrs. Allen.  

As for the watermain break, the city repaired it by covering it in asphalt with no concrete on the sidewalk.  

We reached out to the city’s utility works department relating to the July 18th water main repair, they tell News 4, the damage to the family’s property is not related to the water main break and that a street sweeper is scheduled to come clean up any left over dirt.

“Oklahoma City Line Maintenance Crews made repairs to a 6-inch water main along NE 60th on July 18th. The repair was made 2 houses down and across the street from the area in question. Neither the main break, nor the repair process, were related to this specific damage. It is standard procedure for Utilities Line Maintenance crews to apply a temporary asphalt patch where lines have been repaired in order to accommodate traffic and allow residents to use their driveways. We also send a street sweeper to clean up any remaining dirt in the street after placing the temporary patch. A street sweeper has already been scheduled to clean the area in question and will arrive within the next few days. The Utilities Department contracts out for permanent driveway and street repair.”

Michelann Ooten, Public Information Officer for OKC Utilities Department

She also said residents who have concerns about property damage due to city projects or repairs can file a claim against the city by calling 405-297-2451, and by filling out a form on the city’s website.