OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A family is wanting charges raised to manslaughter on a driver after he allegedly killed a motorcyclist last August.

Clifton Howard, 66, died while riding his motorcycle last fall.

Clifton Howard

Police said Miguel Cabral, a 20-year-old driver, pulled in front of Howard, causing the crash.

Cabral was arrested and charged with “causing an accident while driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license.”

It is a felony with a maximum sentence of five years.

“Justice is what my dad deserves,” said Mariah Howard, daughter of Clifton.

Mariah wants new Oklahoma County District Attorney Vicki Behenna to look at the case again and upgrade the charges.

“My father was killed at the negligence of someone else,” said Clifton’s daughter. “Right now, he’s [Cabral] pretty much getting a slap on the wrist.”

Howard was an avid motorcycle rider. And it was not only his family looking to seek a greater charge.

“In other cases, we’ve tracked around the state, the cases are more vehicular manslaughter,” said Quentin Dunn, a leader with ABATE of Oklahoma.

The group advocates for justice in crashes involving motorcyclists.

Howard with his bike

“Most of the people that we’ve been tracking on this have been receiving five and ten years in jail,” said Dunn. “We feel like that the Howard family’s been done an injustice in this particular case.”

Mariah Howard said her father was involved in everything with the community.

“He was active in his church, he was a photographer, he was very active in his community, he served in the Air Force,” said Howard. “My dad was everything.”

Gary Jones, minister at East Side Church of Christ, said the congregation will have a hard time without Clifton.

“We’re here to be his voice, to be the hands and feet, and to make the noise that Cliff’s life made in our lives,” said Jones.

Clifton served the church in a way that will be remembered by every generation.

“For nearly ten or 12 years, Cliff would take students all over the country to teach them about the civil rights movement,” explained Jones. “I think it’s only fitting that we fight for justice for Cliff, as he’s taught so many young people to do over the course of the last several years.”

KFOR spoke to a former prosecutor about the charge on Cabral and the wishes of the Howard family.

They spoke anonymously and said that if there is a specific charge that fits with a situation, then by law, a prosecutor is supposed to go with that charge. “Manslaughter” is more of a general charge then “causing an accident while driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license.” More charges can be added, but the prosecutor said it depends on new information in the case.

When it comes to Cabral, the felony he received is a specific charge.

Clifton Howard’s family did create a petition with the intent of asking Behenna to upgrade the charges.

The petition can be found here.