OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A middle-of-the-night hit and run has left a metro family with a damaged and broken garage door, damaged vehicles, without water, and a busted window.

Jacob Ranjel said he woke up Saturday morning to go to work and that’s when he saw bricks scattered across his lawn.

Some of the bricks scattered outside of Jacob Ranjel’s home Monday morning. KFOR photo.

His first thought was maybe the neighborhood kids were messing around the night before, but then he walked over to his truck that was parked in the driveway and found that not only his car but his wife’s car had been severely damaged.

“I look up and see cars pushed into the garage and my truck’s pushed over, smashed against a tree. And I just thought to myself, ‘Well, okay, this is how today’s going to go,'” said Ranjel.

A neighbor across the street told KFOR he heard an engine revving followed by a loud boom echo through his neighborhood around 2:30 a.m.

The neighbor then claims he heard metal on metal grinding, almost as if someone was hit and the two cars were stuck together.

He thinks he heard the driver try to pull their vehicle from Ranjel’s

He added he couldn’t believe it at first.

As it settled in, though, he could believe it because Ranjel said they’ve had a multitude of issues involving their cars in the past.

Ranjel told KFOR he has had a car stolen and his wheels jacked from his truck before.

This time was different, though.

He said with the amount of damage that was caused, it would have probably cost them close to $50,000 to repair or replace everything.

Aside from the damage to the outside, Ranjel said, “We’ve got to replace the garage door. We’ve got to replace parts on a classic car that I have parked inside there as well. And then we’ve also got to replace the window. Window pane was busted out from where they hit and the water spigot, it’s leaking, so we had to shut the water out. Unfortunately, we don’t even have water in the house right now.”

Ranjel did file a police report.

Although he doesn’t know who the other driver is, he does know the make and model based on car parts left in his driveway.

There’s a Dodge Ram emblem, a low front grille that revealed the vehicle’s make, and some undercarriage parts were left behind.

From those pieces alone, he and police were able to identify the vehicle as a gray 2013 Dodge Ram.

Ranjel doesn’t have any surveillance cameras set up on his property, but most of neighbors have cameras.

Vehicle parts left behind by the car who hit Jacob Ranjel’s cars. KFOR photo.

News 4 asked several neighbors if they had any footage showing what happened or even just a Dodge Ram driving down their road, but each one said their camera either didn’t catch anything or it doesn’t work.

Luckily though, Ranjel said his insurance company is footing most of the bill.

Ranjel and his family still wants answers and for the driver who caused all this to come forward.

“The biggest thing is just if it was you, I’m not mad at you. Life happens or maybe a bad situation. You had too much to drink. I get it. I just would like to have some insurance or at least know that you’re okay if nothing else,” said Ranjel. “It’s not cool. Especially right before the holidays. Everybody’s got their own situations. I have a lot going on. But, you know, I said before, life, it happens. Do what you can to make it better and keep moving forward.”

This accident happened off NW Expressway and Portland.

Ranjel is asking anyone with any information to immediately call the Oklahoma City Crimestoppers at 405-235-7300.