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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The owners of a metro gay club are cleaning up vandalism at the bar for the second day in a row as they close out the year.

The owners of Partners, located on the corner of May and NW 36th, said someone vandalized the property Tuesday and Wednesday night.

On Tuesday night, employees discovered a car in the parking lot targeted.

“They came out and somebody vandalized one of the cars in the parking lot with apparently what was soup on it,” said owner John McAffrey.

Then Wednesday night, they were hit again, this time on the front door of the bar.

“It was everywhere,” McAffrey said. “We first thought somebody got sick and then once we got closer, we realized that it was, it looks like blueberries.”

A trail of blueberries was splattered all over the walkway and the front door.

McAffrey said surveillance video caught the culprit in action. The owners don’t want to share the video until they speak with an attorney, but they said it was someone in an early 2000s Chevy Silverado.

“They pull up, throw it out the window, slow down for probably like ten seconds,” McAffrey said.

Who the food was targeted at or why is still a mystery.

McAffrey said it could possibly be related to Covid restrictions and the mandate that bars close at 11pm, but at this time they don’t know.

Starting New Year’s Eve and for the foreseeable future, they said they plan to have a security guard in the parking lot to ensure everyone’s safety.

“It was completely childish,” McAffrey said. “There’s better ways to handle something if it is targeted at a certain individual but it’s not going to stop us for continuing and having somewhere safe for everyone in the community to come to.”