OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Attention Oklahoma City metro golfers!

Earlywine Golf Course took another step this week in moving toward its new and improved renovations with the demolition of its old clubhouse.

A big pile of rubble lies on the Earlywine golf course in southwest Oklahoma City right now.

However, its expected to make a turn into a golfers dream within the next year and a half.

“We’re excited about the renovations,” said Dan Langford, director of golf at Earlywine Golf Course.

The renderings given to KFOR show the final product of the voter approved $8.5 million, voter approved bond project that’s set to bring a new clubhouse, covered hitting pavilion and expanded driving range among other things to the area.

“What I think that the community will find is that we’re going to have a meeting room, a banquet room,” Langford said. “We’re going to have a much better facility for the community.”

Langford said the original clubhouse was built in 1975, so the renovations are much needed.

“In some ways buildings last longer than that, but some ways they don’t,” Langford said. “The difference is that the business model of golf had changed dramatically from 1975 to now.”

So, as the novice, veteran, and pro golfers look to hit the long ball or the lowest scores, Langford said look no further than the Oklahoma City golf scene and what’s to come.

“What you see there is a group that has been recognized by the nation as being the top in golf,” Langford said. “So this is just a step to keep that in place.”

The demolition is expected to finish up this week, with construction to be completed in the fall of 2023.