OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After two brides were left scrambling right before their big day, they’re warning others about their experiences with an Oklahoma City makeup artist. 

“You don’t expect a professional to back out the day before the wedding,” said Mimosa Houser, who got married in September. “When I heard that it happened to other brides, I’m like, okay, this is a pattern.”

Houser tells KFOR she booked and paid Makeup by Jakoby, run by Jakoby Loughridge, in full in late July for him to do her makeup at 10 a.m. on Sept 3. 

Appointment confirmation. Image courtesy Mimosa Houser.

“The day before my wedding, he texted me saying that he double booked that morning and that he couldn’t do my wedding until 1 p.m., which didn’t work for me,” said Houser. “I had to cancel him because I couldn’t change up my wedding day just for makeup.”

According to the contract she signed with Makeup By Jakoby, “should the client change their mind before wedding date or a cancellation should happen, they will notify the artist as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours before date to receive a refund (minus deposit or $50 admin fee) and/or change the date.” 

Contract. Image courtesy Mimosa Houser.

However, because Loughridge was the one who changed the plans, according to the below screenshot of the two’s text exchange, Houser feels like she should get her money back. 

Screenshot of massages. Image courtesy Mimosa Houser.

“He responded weeks later that no, he wasn’t going to because per the contract there was a 48-hour cancellation policy, which I felt was unfair because it wasn’t on my terms that I canceled,” said Houser. 

She says she’s currently out $280. 

Madison Sadok tells KFOR she had a similar experience. Her ceremony was scheduled for a Saturday in 2021. 

“At midnight on Thursday, two days before the wedding, he texted me and says he has COVID and that he can’t do my makeup anymore,” said Sadok. 

Sadok said she understood and fortunately already had booked a back-up artist just in case. However, she was filled with rage when she was scrolling on social media the day after her wedding.

“I saw that Jakoby had posted pictures of him doing the other person’s makeup the day of the wedding, and it was all over his Instagram, his Facebook, everywhere,” said Sadok. “We paid him, I believe, like $376 and he refunded us $226 and refused to refund us anymore because we had used the trial. I told him, ‘Well, we never would have done a trial with a makeup artist who wasn’t going to do the makeup on the wedding.’”

KFOR talked to Loughridge Tuesday afternoon. He said he’s done what he can to fix any situation when a conflict has come up. 

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking when I have to cancel on a client, regardless, but it is just that, a cancellation. It’s not a scam, I would never scam anyone,” said Loughridge. “I’m human, I make mistakes, I am not perfect, but unfortunately life does happen. I’ve done everything in my power to make that right for them, which includes a full refund.” 

“It’s unfortunate that this has happened and it’s unfortunate that I have made mistakes, but like I said, moving forward, I’m trying to be better about that and that’s something I’m working on,” said Loughridge.