OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR)- Shortly after an elderly couple moved into a new home in NW Oklahoma City, they were robbed at gunpoint by three masked men while a man who moved them into their home waited outside as the getaway driver.

The initial police report on November 6 reveals the couple told them their front door was forced open by three men, one with a handgun.

According to the report, the armed subject instructed the couple to lie face down on their living room floor with blankets over their heads and to count to 40.

The men were wearing dark clothes and ski masks, so the couple told officials they were unable to identify race or age but said they were “average height and weight.”

As the pair was held at gunpoint, the two other men immediately rushed to a downstairs bedroom and retrieved a lock box that contained $15,000 in cash.

The police report said the suspects left the residence directly after that.

“[Victim] advised he heard what sounded like a small vehicle speed off after the incident,” records say.

The couple wasn’t sure of who could’ve known where their hidden lock box was.

In a search warrant affidavit filed on January 4, the couple mentioned to officials they had recently moved into the home and “maybe the movers from All My Sons Moving and Storage might know.”

OKCPD Inspector Douglas Hurst said he went to the All My Sons Moving and Storage location in Midwest City.

Records show an employee of the company’s, Nathaniel Crockett had a prior complaint of a large amount of stolen money where he was suspected.

A warrant for examination was then obtained by the OKCPD Burglary Unit for Crockett’s cell phone on November 29.

Crockett’s phone was reviewed and more specifically, photos from November 6.

Photos were found showing Crockett with a Ruger 5.7 pistol, the suspect holding a bundle of cash, a photo of the money lock box, and the suspect in a 2007 Black Chevrolet Tahoe.

Crockett was then brought in for questioning where he then admitted to owning the Tahoe, moving the victims into their home, speaking with his “associates” about the lock box, and driving the other three suspects to the home.

He also admitted his three associates entered the home at gunpoint, stealing the lock box, and Crockett acting as the getaway driver fleeing with the suspects and money.

The search warrant affidavit goes on to say Crockett confessed to driving to one of the other suspect’s home where they all split the money, each receiving between $2,000 and $3,000.

“Nathaniel Crockett stated he used the money to buy the Ruger 5.7 pistol on the same day of the robbery and to buy methamphetamine,” the affidavit reads.

Two of his associates, Victor Brown and Rondell Edwards were arrested within a month of Crockett’s confession.

Word of the ordeal hit social media earlier this week in a Facebook group called ‘All My Sons Moving is Terrible.’

The Facebook group has 445 followers.

Dozens of those followers have posted in the group claiming they too have been a victim of an All My Sons Moving and Storage employee theft.

News 4 spoke with two women Friday afternoon about their experience.

One lives in Florida and the other lives in Indiana.

Dawn Jackson said she was moving into a home in early November and All My Sons employees were helping her do so.

She told KFOR she had a great experience with the company until she realized one of the movers had stolen the friend’s medication.

Jackson claims she heard pills rattling around in a mover’s pocket as he was heading out, but didn’t think anything of it.

It wasn’t until Jackson couldn’t find the medication that she said she believed the mover had stolen it.

“I really felt stupid after that,” said Jackson.

This was her first time hiring a moving company, but after this instance, she said she will research anyone she considers hiring.

Another woman, Katrina Pelose is in Florida and she said All My Sons Moving and Storage has helped her recently move as well.

Pelose said the mover held her property hostage if she didn’t pay them more than the original amount.

She paid $3,000 more than the original amount, but claims they then told her there wasn’t enough time in the day to move her in despite having to be out of the house the following day.

Pelose stated the movers then dumped half of her belongings in the parking lot of her new complex and took the other half inside her home.

While unpacking, she started noticing items were missing, including her twin’s backpacks filled with new school supplies.

She estimates the movers stole $5,000 worth of items from her.

Pelose said she’s been trying to get back on her feet since the incident, but it’s been hard.

Both Jackson and Pelose told KFOR they called All My Sons Moving and Storage to explain their situation, hoping for some type of resolution, but claim they weren’t offered a refund let alone an apology.

“They have some really shady people that are working for them,” said Jackson.

“It’s no accident, that’s for sure. We have wrong guys here. This is a frickin’ syndicate of crime,” added Pelose.

News 4 called All My Sons Moving and Storage’s Midwest City location.

We were transferred to a manager who said the only person who could speak on the matter was the company’s President.

That manager then rattled off a media email, suggesting News 4 send the inquiry there.

News 4 has since sent that media email two separate emails, but haven’t gotten a reply.

As for the men who were arrested in connection to the Oklahoma City robbery in November, Brown and Edwards have a bond set at $400,000.

Meanwhile, Crockett has a $50,000 bond.

All three have court hearings in the next month.