OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Oklahoma City unveiled $20 million in improvements to the Paycom Center on Tuesday. One major change was to the arena’s scoreboard. The new, towering addition to center court is a 28,000-pound, 125-foot wrap-around video display stands nearly 25 feet high. The scoreboard cost $7.5 million dollars.

“It’s really going to change and elevate the atmosphere this year,” said Chris Semrau, general manager of the Paycom Center.

Another part of the improvements was replacing every seat in the center—all 17,000 of them—at a price tag of $9 million.

The shiny, new seats replaced the old ones that the city said were worn out from years of use. 3,000 of the new seats will be retractable and give more space on the floor for bigger events.

“We also have significant events like NCAA men’s basketball coming in a few years and other touring and sporting events that we’re going to host,” said Semrau. “This was a very much necessary upgrade in this facility.

The renovations were part of a $20 million upgrade to the arena through the city’s MAPS 4 budget. The center is home to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“There are some improvements that are NBA requested, but even the scoreboard gets used by PBR and some of the other events here,” said David Todd, Oklahoma City’s MAPS 4 program manager. “We need to stay current with what everybody else is doing.”

The city showed off the new improvements less than two months after Oklahoma City mayor David Holt unveiled plans for a new arena for the NBA team. It will be a plan that must go before voters later this year.

“Even if we do build a new arena and we have to keep up with technologies,” said Todd. “Some of the technology for the old scoreboard had become obsolete and we couldn’t find parts. Same with the seats.”

The new renovations will debut during the PBR competition at the Paycom Center September 8-10.