OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — An Oklahoma City police officer has been arrested for several felony charges, including perjury and embezzlement.

Lieutenant Bryant Holloway faces a total of three charges following a lengthy investigation starting in January of this year.

Court documents show Holloway falsified a public record, lied under oath during a testimony and embezzled thousands of dollars all between January 1 and June 30 of this year.

“So Friday evening, the Oklahoma City police officer, Lieutenant Bryant Holloway, was arrested for several felony charges to include perjury and embezzlement,” OKCPD Captain Valerie Littlejohn said.

Police launched months-long investigation into Lieutenant Holloway after staff noticed some discrepancies in the paperwork he was submitting.

“A supervisor noticed that something was not right with the citations he had been turning in and did an investigation saying that he had altered the times on these citations,” Cpt. Littlejohn said.

During the investigation, they found the ten-year veteran of the force was clocking overtime without working it.

“If he’d stopped someone for a traffic violation, wrote them a citation, he would not put the correct time on that citation and would put a different time to coordinate when he was working a different shift,” Cpt. Littlejohn said.

Which led to the embezzlement charge, totaling $13,705.51.

“He was not working the overtime shift when he was supposed to be working it,” Cpt. Littlejohn said. “So, he was collecting money for that shift when he wasn’t out doing the job he was supposed to be doing.”

Cpt. Littlejohn says Holloway was arrested on Friday but has since bonded out. Currently, he is still on administrative leave.