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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police released body cam video showing the moments their officers opened fire on a suspect with a gun.

“He took off in his car with a gun,” said the suspect’s mother to 911. “And he said he was going to shoot the people that was coming by.”

That was the call OKC Police were responding to when they pulled up to the home near Northwest 16th and Portland on October 2. When they arrived, they spotted Ralph Tuggle, 61, with a pistol in hand.

News 4 spoke with Tuggle’s mother off camera. She said she believed her son was having a mental health episode and wanted to take his own life.

“As officers approached from a distance, suspect Tuggle raised the firearm and pointed it at the officers,” said Captain Valerie Littlejohn with OKCPD. “The suspect continued to raise the gun in a threatening manner, causing officers to open fire again.”

Tuggle’s mother told News 4 Tuggle was holding a toy pistol, but OKCPD said it was real.

“I see you! I see you!” shouted Tuggle to the officers.

“Hey show me your hands! He’s got a gun! Show me your hands!” said the officers before gunfire erupted.

That’s when the officer’s plans change. One officer moves behind a tree across the street from the home, while the two others take cover by a fence.

If you listen to the video closely, you can hear Tuggle groaning in pain. Off camera, his mother told News 4 Tuggle had been hit in the chest, leg, and rear.

“Toss the gun or we will fire on you!” shouts an officer.

At this point in the video, you can hear Tuggle’s mother shouting back at officers. That’s when it appears the officers realize she was home. She told News 4 she moved away as fast as she could.

“Ma’am! Get off the porch!” shouts an officer.

Then, it was time for officers to move in.

“If your hands go back down you’re going to get shot again,” said one officer to Tuggle.

“Do not move,” said an officer.

“I’m not,” responded Tuggle.

Wednesday, bullet holes still cover the brick, walls and window’s of Tuggle’s mother’s home, inside and out.

Tuggle’s mother said she only wanted an officer to come and talk her son down.  

OKCPD said Tuggle is still in the hospital. When he’s released, officers say he’ll be booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center and face charges.

His mother said he will not be allowed back inside her home.