OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – We’ve always been told to eat our carrots to keep our eyes sharp, but a local scientist says there’s evidence certain veggies really are the key to better vision.

The local research shows certain vegetables could prevent age-related macular degeneration – the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in older adults.

This is a study that really goes back to the basics – veggies have health benefits as far as the eye can see.

“I think we just have to return to the very basic concepts that have worked for a long time,” said Scott Plafker, M.D. with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. 

Going back to basics is exactly what Plafker did in his recent study on age-related macular degeneration.

The condition occurs when eye cells die causing blind spots and blurry vision.

To find a way to prevent it, Plafker, along with scientists at the University of Alabama, tested a compound in cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and kale, on mice.

“If we gave it to mice that were essentially set up to be a model for macular degeneration, that it could restore some of their vision over the course of three months,” Plafker told News 4. 

The study found the veggie compound returned the mice’s vision almost back to normal levels and it only took three doses a week.

“So you wouldn’t even have to necessarily eat your veggies every day,” said Plafker. “But if you were eating them with regularity during, you know, throughout the week, then I think there’s some hope that this can help preserve vision.”

You will likely get the best benefits eating those vegetables raw but you can still get them from cooked veggies.