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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Recently, residents in several Oklahoma City neighborhoods have been finding hateful anti-Semitic fliers on the foot of their driveways.

This week, each driveway on one Oklahoma City street had hateful anti-Semitic fliers inside zip lock bags filled with dried corn to keep them from blowing away.

Several different notes contained anti-Semitic messages casting Jews as villains destroying society and promoting things like pornography and financial scandals.

“People were pretty horrified by it,” said Jon Lundeen. 

Jon Lundeen found several anti-Semitic messages on driveways around his neighborhood. 

“Somebody else would toss them out the window and driveways. So, I grabbed theirs and read it. I thought, ‘My God,’ you know, it’s worse than I thought,” said Lundeen.  

Disturbing anti-Semitic messages
Image KFOR.

The messages include slogans like: 

“Every single aspect of the media is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of mass immigration is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of Hollywood is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of the federal reserve is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of the slave trade is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of the pornography and hookup culture is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of credit and usury culture is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of the Biden administration is Jewish.” 

“Every single aspect of Trumps campaign funds is Jewish.” 

Another disturbing flier with symbols and pictures said quote, “Every single aspect of the Jewish Talmud is satanic.” 

All of those messages plus more information regarding those topics were found on the fliers.  

“Here’s the one bashing Trump and here is the one bashing Biden. So, they are equal opportunity bashers,” said Lundeen.  

Neighbors are worried this will lead to violence. 

“This kind of hate can beget consequences, and those consequences have the potential for violence. Hopefully, nothing will happen,” said Lundeen.  

The Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City told KFOR they are aware of this issue and said it started at the end of January this year. 

They’ve been receiving reports weekly, mostly coming from North Oklahoma City. 

“It’s directly affecting our community. The Jewish people of Oklahoma City, it is landing on our driveways, and it’s got an impact on us,” said Rachel Johnson, executive director of The Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City.  

The Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City asks if you see this in your neighborhood to report it to them or the Anti-Defamation League

You can also report it to your local police.  

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt responded to the hateful messages and said quote, ”Freedom of speech sometimes allows statements that we find repugnant, but we have the same freedom, and it is our obligation to use it to answer those statements and stand with our Jewish friends and neighbors.”  

He also said, “The people of Oklahoma City condemn and reject all forms of hate and bigotry, especially antisemitism.”